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Advertising Your Property

Question:  Exactly what additional information can or should I include in my local newspaper advertisements after I place an ad here?   Answer:  All Our Advertisers are expressly authorized and Highly Encouraged to include one of the following additional "single lines" in each of your local newspaper ads: Either "SeeHomePhoto.com  Ad4321" or "HoustonFSBO.com Ad4321".  Either of these should neatly fit on one line of space in your local newspaper and our Special National Services Site Address even tells the potential buyers you have photos available there to see.  The "4321" is the specific listing # assigned to your advertisement, this number is displayed on your ad.  Buyers can type this number in on our Home page "Fast Search" form (the first thing they see upon arriving at our site) to quickly find your specific advertisement without having to go all through the search pages.  The phone number you should use will be the specific phone number printed on your order confirmation form. Only Internet Plus Advertisers are authorized to include Our phone number in their local advertisements.

Our Advertisers Should All Realize that tying your advertising all together in this way (including the www address and your Listing # in All your Local Advertising, your handouts, and on Your Yard Sign) Enables The Potential Buyers To Effortlessly Tour Your Homes At Their Convenience, instead of leaving their phone number on your answering service.  This is a Powerful Marketing Tool which will enhance the overall effectiveness of All Your Advertising Efforts, as well as support the Sellers Co-Op which in turn will improve the overall results of all participants.  It will also save you time and aggravation talking to those buyers who really have no interest whatsoever in your specific property. That unnecessary aggravation can take it's toll on sellers over time aside from reducing the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Question:  Is there a Direct URL I can use for other internet advertising I may do to immediately display my specific ad and my photos?   Answer:  Yes, however we do Not recommend using it in newspaper ads since it will take up too much space and the readers would For Sure Never get it typed in right but we Do recommend using it in any other internet ad you have that does not include your photos since there users only need to click on it or copy and paste it to their browser.  Also, many newspapers are now offering special "Link Buttons" which they will display in the Online Version of their newspaper classified ads which when clicked on would take viewers to your full ad with photos, you can use this URL in those Online Classified ads - just give this URL to the newspaper when placing your order for that Online Link.   The Direct URL to your ad isincluded in your email confirmation.  Please be aware that those specific letters in the URL which are CAPITALIZED (and ONLY those specific ones) must be capitalized just like they are above or the URL will not work properly.  It must be EXACT as above.  Also, the clicks to that URL will Not be Counted in your Traffic Statistics at all.  If you desire to use one, we can also provide you another direct URL you can use in other advertising you may do which Will be Counted as "Direct Listing Number Inquiries" so you can conveniently assess the effectiveness of those specific ads and Not mix those traffic volumes in with the normal Search Hits from users at our sites finding your ad.

Logging In Problems

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Question:  When I tried to Log In to update my ad, my log in information did not work, what can I do?  Answer:   First, try again to be sure there was not just a typo.  Also, check the settings on your browser (look under Preferences, or Properties) to be sure you "Accept Cookies".  You must accept cookies to either register or log in.  If you still have problems you are probably just using the wrong information, or your account is no longer active.   Send us an Email Including Your Listing # and we will email your User ID and Pass Code and/or your Account Status to the email address you originally registered with.  See the Technical Information section below for more about cookies.

Photo Processing Tips

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Question:  How do I optimize the quality of my photos? Answer: The first thing to do is "scan" in your photos at only "200 to 300 dpi" so you have a file size that is manageable.  Adjust the "preview" of your scanner to only scan in the photo, not the entire bed of the scanner (put the little box in the preview screen neatly around the photo).  Use a setting of 100% (no reduction factor) to Make sure that the "Pixel Width" of your photo is At Least  590 at this stage of your processing.  If you try to resize the photo to make it bigger (increase it to our standard 590 - 710 width) the quality will deteriorate some.  You can always make it smaller without reducing the quality but not larger.  After you have your photo file scanned in and saved as either a .bmp or .jpg photo "file type" you can use your photo processing software (like Microsoft Photo Editor) to first "crop" the photo down to just the specific part you want displayed.  Too much distance or blue sky does not make an optimum display, particularly after the photo is later resized.  After it is cropped down, then you should "resize" the photo DOWN to Our Standard "pixel" width of "590 to 710", the height will proportionately change if you select "maintain aspect ratios".  Use 710 pixel width for a real nice display, although some viewers will have to do some scrolling to view it if their display is limited to 640 pixel screen size.  After you resize  you can do any brightening, sharpening, or focus "enhancements" you like, just make sure to "undo" any enhancements that do not actually improve the way your photo looks.  Many of the automatic enhancements Do Not Improve the way your photo actually looks.  Too much "sharpening" is a common mistake.  An electronic image simply will Never be as sharp as a good hard photo is, so do not try to make it that sharp.  After the photo is cropped, resized, and enhanced as desired, the final step is to then convert this .bmp or .jpg "photo file" into a "Compressed .jpg"  file type using software like Microsoft Photo Editor to "Save As" or Microsoft Image Composer to "Save for the Web" as a "jpg" file format (also known as JPEG).  You can NOT just rename the image file from ".gif" to ".jpg", it has to be converted using image manipulation software.  You Can just rename it from " .jpeg" to ".jpg".  Microsoft Image Composer is nice because it shows you a preview and lets you visually select from the different compression levels.   Just choose the alternative that is less than 57 KB.  Images over 59.9KB will be rejected by the server.  We try to keep our images down to say 42 to 48 KB if possible so they will Display Faster.  Be sure to do all the processing of the "photo file", including the resizing to Our Standard pixel width of 590 - 710, before converting it to the "Compressed .jpg" file type.  We display each photo at a smaller display size but with a "click to enlarge" feature so buyers can get a full 590 - 710 pixel width view of each photo of your property.  If you are not satisfied with the results of your own photo processing efforts, you can mail your hard photos to us for scanning or email your original (unprocessed) .bmp or .jpg electronic image "photo files" to us for further processing and uploading.  We will be happy to process and upload these for you.  It is difficult to get your photos just right if you are not at least casually proficient at using all these software packages.

Photo Uploading Problems

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Question:  When I tried to upload a photo I got an error message "Unknown Error",  What does this mean?   Answer:  This means there was some miscommunication or a break in the connection between your browser and our server.  This happens for a variety of reasons, usually having to do with your ISP's server, more often than "occasionally". It is particularly most common when your ISP is real busy.  You may see this message 2 or 3 times in a row or you may never see it.  If you just "try again" your upload will probably  work just fine.  Click the back button on your browser, click the "browse" button on the upload file page again, select the correct file path again, click open again, and click upload now again. If you see it twice in a row you may want to just wait a few moments before you try again as this usually indicates your ISP's server is too busy and is resetting the connection with our server which fowls up the upload.  If your file size is over 59.9KB the server will reject the upload and tell you your image exceeded 60KB. 

Question:  I uploaded my photos and it said "Upload Successful" but I can not see the pictures in my ad, why not?   Answer:  There are several possibilities here.  First, if your images File Type is Not ".jpg" the upload will appear to succeed but the image will simply Not Be Displayed, since our software only processes ".jpg" file types.  In that case, there will be a space in your ad like the photo should be there but when you click on that space to see the large version, it will say "file not found" instead of displaying the photo.  You can just Load A New Image which Is ".jpg" file type over the top of those which were not to cure that problem (the new image will erase the old image).  If you do not see that "Space" in your ad to click on where the photo should be - and no pictures, this means that Either your Browser or your ISP's server has "cached" the old version of your ad and is showing you that old version which WAS there, Not the New Version which Really Is There.  In that case click the "Refresh-Reload" button on your browser and in most cases you will be able to see them fine.  In a few cases your ISP's server does this same thing and may not refresh it's cache when you request the page again, so you may need to close your internet connection, connect again, then go to the page again before your ISP's server will refresh the copy of the page it sends you.

Question:  I Changed one or more photos but I Still See The Old Photos, why?   Answer: This is either your Browser or your ISP's Server "caching" the old image since the old photo and the new one have the same file name (it saves the old one to show you instead of going to get it again). The new photo is really there, your browser or your ISP is just Not Showing it to you.  In that case click the "Refresh-Reload" button on your browser and in most cases you will be able to see them fine.  In a few cases your ISP's server does this same thing and may not refresh it's cache when you request the page again, so you may need to close your internet connection, connect again, then go to the page again before your ISP's server will refresh the copy of the page it sends you.

Question:  When I go to the Photo Upload page, I do not see any "Browse" button to click on, what do I do?   Answer:  If you have an Older Browser version it will not offer you that feature, Just Email us your images and we will upload them for you.

Property Search Problems

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Question:  I did not find anything when I did a search, what is wrong?  Answer:   Many of the search fields come with "ALL" in them, if you erase this to try searching for some criteria then decide to change it to "all" again, this will not find anything for you.  To find everything, the field must be Blank or marked "ALL", use of the criteria "all"  will NOT work.  However, if there are no listings meeting the criteria you selected -- you will of course not find anything.  You may want to make your search criteria Broader.

If you just see a blank page after you do a search (instead of a message which says you did not find anything), your browser is Not set to "Accept Cookies".  You will need to check your browser's "Preferences" or "Settings" or "Properties" to "Accept Cookies" in order to see your search results.  The server uses these cookies to know what search results to show you.  See the Technical Information section below for more about cookies.

City and County Names must be spelled exactly (capitalization does Not matter - just spelling or hyphenation characters). If you are unsure about the spelling of a name, you can use our National Advanced Search which has all those County and City names there for you to just click on. You can also see our Cites Page for a list of many of these names and the related zip codes.  Some older browser versions will Not be able to use that National Advanced Search.  If you are using version 3.x or earlier of either Microsoft or Netscape browsers you will need to use the Basic Version of our Advanced Search, the standard version includes some modern conveniences which those older browsers can not process.  Use that basic version until you upgrade your browser so you can more fully enjoy our site and the entire Internet as well.

General Technical Information - Cookies

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Any user experiencing problems should first check your browser's "Preferences" or "Settings" or "Properties" to be sure that "Java" is "enabled", since some of our scripts to make your use of our site easier are Java scripts.  Also, your browser needs to "Accept Cookies" in order to use any of the interactive features of our site.

If you use a modern Microsoft Browser, set your Internet Zone security level to "Medium" in order to enable cookies ( a high will Not accept cookies).    That setting is found under the security tab in the properties of your browser.   Click Tools, then Internet Options while your browser is open to find those properties.

Our site is designed to be completely functional with all modern common browsers and most of the common older versions.  However with so many different types and versions of browsers in use with different capabilities or limitations there could be some specific browser compatibility issue we are not aware of.  If you experience any problems using our site, please let us know the specific kind of problem you experienced, which page you were on at the time, and the type and version of browser you are using so we may research whether there is something we could do to remedy the problems your specific version of browser is experiencing with our site.

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